Frequently Asked Questions

June 2020
Its about SELF reflection, SELF expression and SELF empowerment. has designed a positive messaging apparel and accessories line to remind and inspire others to be their authentic SELF at all times thru creative expression and empowerment. This is important because too many individuals especially students are affected by mental and verbal abuse without even knowing it. It shows up in the inability to express oneself with confidence and assurance.

Non-Verbal communication has increased since the invention of text, chat and social media. The immediate access to online media has affected our mental and behavioral health causing overwhelming anxieties and emotional pressure to keep up especially in our students. This has reduced the ability to express our true SELF in a verbal informal setting. This behavior if gone unchecked can lead to lack of respect or love for SELF and with others, a false sense of hope, withdraw from others, low esteem, deep depression, anger issues, mental breakdowns and unfortunate suicides if an individual never addresses his personal insecurities.
Proceeds from every purchase will benefit charities who support students battling with self-identity, low-esteem and depression from mental and verbal abuse in order to prevent suicides.

The be you Movement is a advocate for these charities. We pose SELF reflecting questions and statements in order to deposit positive reinforcement to an individual who is on a journey to SELF discovery.