The “bu” Streetwear Women’s Elastic Shorts – Cyan (Summer Collection)


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<i>Become part of a Movement; spreading a simple, yet profound message: <b>be you.</b> This shirt was created by SELF: The Clothing Company to empower individuals to embrace their uniqueness and boldly express it with confidence, inspiring others to do the same by asking, <b>“What does it mean to be you?”</b> This garment is a DTG print on the tight fit, stretchy material, and elastic All-Over Print Shorts. </i>

Uses microfiber yarn. Overlock and coverstitch. Elastic waistband. Printed, cut, and hand-sewn. Four-way stretch fabric.

82% polyester, 18% spandex

<b>Fabric Care:</b>
Dry Clean Recommended.
Wash and Dry Inside Out.
Machine Wash Cold.
Air Dry or Tumble Dry Low Heat.
Do Not Iron On Print.
Iron on Low Heat.
Do not Bleach Colored Garments.

<h4>Size Guide (in inches)</h4>
<th>1/2 Waist Width</th>
<th>Inseam Length</th>
<th>Front Rise</th>
<td>11 <sup>3</sup>&frasl;<sub>4</sub></td>
<td>7 <sup>7</sup>&frasl;<sub>8</sub></td>
<td>12 <sup>5</sup>&frasl;<sub>8</sub></td>
<td>4 <sup>3</sup>&frasl;<sub>8</sub></td>
<td>8 <sup>1</sup>&frasl;<sub>4</sub></td>
<td>13 <sup>3</sup>&frasl;<sub>8</sub></td></td>
<td>4 <sup>3</sup>&frasl;<sub>4</sub></td></td>
<td>8 <sup>5</sup>&frasl;<sub>8</sub></td></td>
<td>5 <sup>1</sup>&frasl;<sub>2</sub></td></td>
<td>16 <sup>1</sup>&frasl;<sub>2</sub></td></td>
<td>6 <sup>1</sup>&frasl;<sub>4</sub></td></td>
<td>9 <sup>1</sup>&frasl;<sub>2</sub></td></td>
<td>18 <sup>1</sup>&frasl;<sub>8</sub></td></td>
<td>7 <sup>1</sup>&frasl;<sub>8</sub></td></td>
<td>9 <sup>7</sup>&frasl;<sub>8</sub></td></td>
<td>19 <sup>3</sup>&frasl;<sub>4</sub></td></td>
<td>7 <sup>7</sup>&frasl;<sub>8</sub></td></td>
<td>10 <sup>1</sup>&frasl;<sub>4</sub></td></td>